On January 22nd 2019, the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) – Regenerative Hepatology Consortium met for the first time at University College London (UCL) with most of its Founding Members present.

Prof. Massimo Pinzani (Chairman of EASL Regenerative Hepatology Consortium) and Prof. Massimo Colombo (Chairman EASL International Liver Foundation) assembled and welcomed this unique Team of outstanding scientists to become the drivers of Regenerative Hepatology.

The truly multidisciplinary background of the Founding Members will provide the vital energy and skills necessary to address complex challenges like the bioengineering of a human liver for transplantation or the development of more effective hepatic cell therapies.

The consortium scientific activity will be funded by donations collected by the EASL-ILF (the major sponsor of the consortium) and by competitive funding calls when possible/appropriate. In this regard, several members of the consortium have recently applied to a H2020 call (results pending as of today) and are planning to apply to other European calls in the near future.

Hence, exciting challenges lay ahead of this EASL Consortium, always with patients‘ problems in our minds.

The complete list of Founding Members is:

  1. University College London, London, United Kingdom

Institute for Liver and Digestive Health: Professor Massimo Pinzani, Dr Giuseppe Mazza

Institute for Child Health: Professor Paolo De Coppi

Centre for Cell, Gene and Tissue Therapeutics: Professor Marc Lowdell

  1. Health Research Institute of Aragon (IIS Aragon), Zaragoza, Spain

Dr Pedro Baptista

  1. University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Stem Cell Institute: Professor Ludovic Vallier, Dr Fotis Sampaziotis

  1. Universite’ Catholique Louvain, Brussels, Belgium

Institute of Experimental and Clinical Research: Professor Etienne Sokal

  1. University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Stem Cell Center of Competence: Dr Andrea Banfi

  1. Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine: Dr Bart Spee, Dr Louis Penning

  1. University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine: Professor Stuart Forbes

  1. Yale University Medical School, New Haven, CT, USA

Yale Liver Center: Professor Mario Strazzabosco

  1. Institut de Duve, Brussels, Belgium

Professor Frederic Lemaigre

  1. Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Hannover, Max Planck Institute Münster and Hannover Germany

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