It is our great honor to announce our “2nd International Symposium on Regenerative Hepatology”.

On June 20, 2023, it will be organized at Medical University of Vienna, Austria. This is just 2-days before the Think Tank we also organized at the EASL International Liver Congress3 on June 22, 2023.

This is a great chance to finally meet in person once again after our 1st symposium last year at University College London, UK. We have a very interesting program that will cover in-depth “regenerative hepatology with small molecules, hormones, nucleic acids and beyond”, followed by a session focused on hepatic organoids and cells with state-of-the-art lectures by some of the experts in the field. Finally, we have our poster session with rapid fire presentations, ending the day with a session on “Novel organoid in vitro systems for cell therapies and model diseases”.

You can join us with a registration fee of 50 EUR and submit your poster abstracts on mail@regenerativehepatology.com. In addition, we will award €150 for the best poster presentation. 

Looking forward to finally meeting you all in Vienna!

Pedro M. Baptista

Chairman of the EASL Consortium for Regenerative Hepatology