Professor Etienne Sokal

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    Institute of Experimental and Clinical Research, Universite' Catholique Louvain

Etienne Sokal MD, PhD, is paediatric hepatologist, head of the paediatric GI & Hepatology department at Cliniques Universitaires St Luc, UCLouvain.

His clinical research has focused mostly on paediatric liver transplantation, paediatric inborn errors of metabolism and genetic liver diseases, and paediatric viral hepatitis.

He developed in 2000 the hepatocyte transplantation program, addressing children with inborn errors of liver metabolism.  He developed liver cell biology and stem cell research laboratory at UCLouvain, and identified a liver derived stem cells that was extensively characterised  and translated to clinical application as an advanced therapy medicinal product, first in children with  IEM.  He founded the biotech company Promethera to ensure further clinical development. The paracrine properties  and the immune-modulatory potency of this cell led to its clinical development in fibro inflammatory diseases, via  a spinoff biotech company, Promethera Biosciences.

Etienne Sokal is member of the Royal Academy of Medicine and of the main scientific societies in the field of stem cells and  hepatology.


Scopus index : 398 cited documents ;  h =62,  total number of citations 13855 ;

Google scholar: index h = 76, citations 20436

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5597-4708